The Nerd Herd – Avsnitt 25 – Jeremy Moskowitz talks Group Policy with us

Postat: 2012/05/15 av Michael Anderberg i Group Policy, Intervju, Podcast, The Nerd Herd, Windows, Windows 8 Client, Windows 8 Server
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In our 25th episode (recorded in English as our guest is American) of The Nerd Herd we’ve invited Jeremy Moskowitz, Group Policy MVP, from as our guest on the show. What Jeremy doesn’t know about Group Policy is not worth knowing.

The episode was recorded in front of a live studio audience at LabCenter in Stockholm, during a Second Wednesday event. As usual the show is hosted by Michael Anderberg with co-hosts Mikael Nyström and Johan Persson.

You can download the episode here: The Nerd Herd #25


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  1. Erik Cramer skriver:

    The blog looks interesting shame its all in swedish.

    • Michael Anderberg skriver:

      Hi Erik,

      Well it has been all in Swedish at least… it looks like we’ll be starting to produce a lot more in English from now on… so please keep an eye out for further updates.



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